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Movie Rec: Titus

I'm just going to leave this here.

That's my most recent post to my website, a rec for the movie Titus. If you like Shakespeare, or like, good movies, freaking watch this movie. Read my rec first though, as it contains updates about my new job and a trigger warning for the movie! It's dark.

Shakespeare Squee is FULL FORCE these days.


I went to a Europe with my sister and my mom.
Look at the pics! :)
picspamCollapse )


Last Day

Today is my last official shift at the bookstore. I got a new job at the Shakespeare Theatre, and tried to pull off working seven days a week, but that fell apart fast!

I do feel weird leaving the bookstore, but I'm going to stay in their circles for coverage and as-needed events work. It's already a huge relief knowing I'm going to have Sat/Sun/Mon off every week to go to auditions, work on projects, and spend time with people who have normal schedules. For the past year and a half I've had to take off work every time I'm filming, or want to visit my dad, etc. 


lifestyle blog recs?

I recently moved into my own 1 bedroom apartment and I really want to take this year to learn how to take better care of my living space and myself. Being able to live in my own space is a gift, and I want to take full advantage.

I am looking for BLOG recommendations for:

-simple, healthy cooking
-cooking for one
-DIY home (apartment) decorating
-budgeting and personal finance
-beauty, makeup, fashion
-acting/film business
-crafting, homemade gifts
-beginner sewing

Thanks everyone :)

Headed to LeakyCon!

I am on the airplane to Orlando, for LeakyCon 2014.

A few thoughts while in the sky....

I have a lot of people to be grateful for, who made it possible for me to attend. I had help from my Dad with tickets, beautiful luggage from my stepdad, money for trip expenses from my grandfather and mom, and even a last minute per diem from the owner of the bookstore because I was pickpocketed on Friday night. I feel so spoiled with support.

Con-going pros: How do you usually schedule your time at a con? With programming, concerts, professional tasks, and some sleep/sustenance I am so overwhelmed!

I am trying to think of a GOAL for my time in Orlando but "have fun!" doesn't cut it. I have tasks for the bookstore, programming I want to learn from, maybe some networking...

And then of course.....having fun.

spread too thin

Lately I feel lost during the day, running from one commitment to the next with no feeling of measurable career progress. I LOVE this internship I have at the Shakespeare Theatre. I LOVE events coordinating and bookselling at my bookstore job. I LOVE babysitting and listening to the hilarious sh*t kids say. Most of all I LOVE acting and learning about my craft and working on projects. But right now I truly feel spread too thin.

I don't know how to solve this problem without magically creating more hours in the day. I just feel like I'm half-assing four jobs, rather than doing a really great job at one or two.

I'm just too tired and broke and excited about the stuff I do to make an actual decision, but this isn't working for me or for my employers....

How do all of you with school/jobs/kids/creative projects do it? Do you make a schedule?



Is anyone on here going to Leaky? I decided at the Last Minute to go!

moving again

Turns out my new house was only a temporary option. Housemate 2 is essentially kicking me & co-owner/friend Housemate 1 out, so that her partner and kids can move in and take our rooms. Essentially there is nothing I can do about this, and I'm not getting along with Housemate 2, so I guess I just have to pack up and scramble out.

I need to make better luck.

I found a great apartment with this smart and responsible graduate student, so I went to sign the lease. Upon arriving to SIGN THE LEASE (NOT apply, I already did that) the landlord asked to check my credit. I explained that I don't have a credit score, my parents are the ones paying my rent, and that he could feel free to check one of my parent's credit scores, and that I had a pay stub for my dad's job in my hand.

He demanded to check my credit. When he returned from doing that he said, "Sorry, you have no credit score." As if I hadn't just explained that to him in detail. He proceeded to tell me that he needed "good people" to live in his units. I guess having a credit card is his definition of being a good person?

I desperately want to stay put somewhere for a year. This will be the fourth move for me in 16 months. I thought about moving back in with my mom but do not get along well in close quarters.



A thing I'm proud of.

At drinkingcocoa 's house, The Director told me she was making a comic. I noted that I have never made a comic, but I have always dreamt of making a graphic novel (specifically a Hunger Games graphic novel, but who cares).

I drew this Sherlock scene.

It's just a sketch but it made me realize how long it's been since I've done something I'm proud of!


Queen of Books

Tomorrow I'll be on my way to NYC for Book Expo America. For some reason I am really nervous.

I'm staying with my sister's godmother, and I'm going to need to take two subways to get to the Javits Center. This would be totally a-okay if I wasn't going to be lugging around a giant suitcase steadily filling with books. Eep! I can't afford to take cabs either. So this ought to be a test of my strength. Pray for elevators in the subway stops, please.

I know I am going to be overwhelmed. It's a huge convention. Everyone keeps reminding me, "You're going to be overwhelmed." I really, really want to enjoy myself though. Actually, I think I'm so concerned with enjoying myself, that I'm stressing myself out even further.

I finished WONDER by R.J. Palacio, I'm working through THE COLD SONG by Linn Ullman. I might not have time to read anything else..

On a related note, I'm very anxious about how much of my emotional/physical energy goes into the bookstore job. It is a great job that I love deeply, but it isn't what I should expend all my focus on. I am really struggling right now with time management. What do I have time for? That question is seriously f**king up my acting mojo. I need me make time for acting/artmaking. Time is made up. Everyone has the same 24 hours that Beyonce has.